Gargo Cabinet Dyeing Machine

These are the most popular hank dyeing machines, these machines are designed to have liquor flow parallel to the yarn and they work with low liquor ratios to save substantially in consumption of thermal energy ,water and chemicals.The material to be dyed in hanks is loaded on the sticks ,generally two sticks are used one at the top and other at the bottom. The bottom stick is used to avoid the yarn entanglement during the liquor flow. The carriers are loaded with the sticks having hanks ,the sticks are supported into slots made in the body of the carrier.

The loaded carriers are then put into the dyeing machine and door is closed. In a second variant of the machine , the machine is open at the top and career is loaded from the top , which ,a rubber gasket is provided around the periphery on which the machine career rest, and vessel is sealed by the weight of the career and material, thus making closed circuit. The liquor circulation and flow remains the same as in ordinary cabinet machine.

Cone Dyeing Machine
Cone Dyeing Machine

The dye liquor in these machines moves while the material remains stationary. The flow direction is reversed frequently to ensure level dyeing.

A cabinet dyeing machine consists of following main components

  • Main dyeing vessel made of SS
  • Carriers for loading of hanks with SS sticks for loading of hanks.
  • An internal axial pump or an external pump for liquor circulation.
  • An indirect heating system(with internal or external heat exchanger)
  • An addition tank with injector pump
  • Prepartion tank
  • An internal or external sampling device
  • Color kitchen
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