Gargo Hanks Spray Dyeing Machine

These machines can be defined as an improved version of roller dyeing machines or hybrid type of machines with combination of features of roller dyeing and cabinet dyeing.

The features incorporated in these machines are especially important to overcome the problems related to delicate yarns such as silk , viscose and wool yarns.

These machines are made of rectangular shaped box type enclosed main body, in which the spray arms are located ,there is collection tank with heating coils at the bottom.

These machines have removable loading arms ,same as in roller dyeing machines ,but having perforations for spraying the dye liquor from inside the rollers. These arms have an arrangement also fitted with suitable spray pipes for spraying the dye liquor from outside as well inside of the hanks . The arms rotate on their axis with the hanks thus spraying the dye liquor from both inside and outside of the hanks ,covering uniformly the entire hank.. The excess liquor is collected at the bottom tank ,from which it is again fed to the spray system with the help of a centrifugal pump. The spray pressure and flow rate can be adjusted as per the material quality and type of hanks. The RPM and direction of rotation of the arms can be varied according to the yarn quality and process parameters, to get uniform dyeing results and to avoid the yarn entanglements.

Cone Dyeing Machine

Main features of spray dyeing machines are

  • The machines are specially built for processing of delicate yarns such as wool , wool blends, silk and viscose yarns.
  • the yarn is treated very gently , and have minimum mechanical abrasion , the impact of dye liquor turbulence on the yarn is also minimum ,thus minimum entanglement and mechanical damage during processing.
  • The liquor is fed through an inverted controlled centrifugal pump ,so the liquor circulation in liters / min/ kg can be adjusted as per requirement as well as when the machines are used at a reduced capacity.
  • Total liquor volume of the machines can be adjusted as per loading or number of arms in the use.
  • The entire dyeing cycle can be carried out in fully automatic mode with the help of with the help of microprocessor based programmer.
  • The arms can be removed and replaced easily, therefore it is also possible to keep a lot ready on a spare set of arms ,which can be easily replaced after the completion of a dyeing cycle. The machines can be used at reduced capacity by reducing the number of arms in operation and more flexible.
  • The machines are equipped with a single addition tank ,which is used for injection of dyes and chemicals through a separate pump. Fully automatic machines can be connected with automatic color kitchen also.
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